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Hawkvale Limited was incorporated in 2006 in England as a trading and sourcing arm of Faith Group Company (FGC), one of the largest waste plastics trading and recycling companies in the World. Our main businesses include domestic and international trading of waste plastics, post-industrial plastic scrap recycling, post-consumer plastic scrap recycling, and the relevant processing via our parent group recycling plants or selected recycling partners. Waste plastics handled include LDPE, HDPE, PET, PETG, PP, ABS, Nylon, PS, EPS, PC, as well as specialised engineering plastics.

Our group is one of the largest plastic recyclers in the world, with facilities in USA, Netherlands, Mexico, Argentina, Egypt and Hong Kong. The group's strength is in sourcing, marketing, and recycling networks, with an annual recycling quantity is over 200,000 metric tonnes and annual turnover of over $120,000,000.

The PET materials recyclable by Hawkvale Limited include but are not limited to: PET purge, PET bottle flake, PET bottle fine, PET prime and off-grade pellets, PET floor sweeping pellets, PET fibre waste, PET popcorn and CPM pellets, PET bottle preform scrap etc. The recycled PET materials are used to make staple fibre, non-woven fibre, sheet and film, container, paint etc. PL Plastic Services LLC is one of our sister companies, with a plastic scrap recycling plant and warehouse located in Florence, South Carolina. This facility provides a toll processing service for several main PET manufactures in the USA.

Qingdao Faith Plastics Company Ltd began processing in 1999. The facility handles shredded European PET bottles (bottle shredded into 4 to 8 pieces), PET bottle flakes, purges, film rolls and other recyclable plastics. The annual processing capability is over 40,000 metric tonnes.

In 2005, the group invested in three Wood Plastics Composite (WPC) production lines in Qingdao, China, to make plastic lumber products with recycled PE material. This project reflects the group's aim to provide the most environmentally friendly routes for plastic scrap recycling. We buy extrusion grade HDPE as a raw material for this process, and the group sells plastic lumber deck, and pallets.

Qingdao Rockaway Plastic Sheets Company Ltd. is another sister company of Hawkvale Limited and is located in the Qingdao Free Trade Zone. The main business of this company is to produce PET sheets from PET resins and PET bottle flakes. It covers over 20,000 square metres, providing warehousing and logistic services.

The Ningbo Office is responsible for all the trading activities in Zhejiang Province. PET material and engineering plastics are their core business. They supply over 50,000 tonnes of PET materials annually to the Zhejiang market and export staple fibre, non-woven fibre overseas.

The Shenzhen office is in charge of the import and export business & marketing for the Guangdong and Fujian provinces.

Address: 1 Warburton Hey, Rainhill, Merseyside. England.
Tel: 07970 992155 (Peter Simpson)